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Motion EPC is proud to announce the release of our online shop. Bringing high quality, innovative products from around the globe. Our products are selected for the management of the equine athlete in the Australian horse industry. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure the best support and knowledge when it comes to caring for your horse.


We are excited about becoming the first distributor of FormaHoof™ products here in Australia. FormaHoof™ is an innovative podiatry system for the treatment and management of many equine foot problems. From thin soles, seedy toe, club feet and laminitis – FormaHoof™ can be a very beneficial in the rehabilitation of these cases.

Check out the FormaHoof™ product range on our online shop. The products are sold individually or as a kit, depending on the types of horses you see in your practice. Farriers, veterinarians, horse owners and managers have shown interest in purchasing the system.

There are two different types of mould variations – Barefoot or Performance. These are available in sizes 3-7 and in front and hind patterns. These moulds can be sold individually or as part of a kit.

FormaHoof - Foals


Bernard from the Flying Anvil Foundation

Toe extension

Lecture and Demonstration by Bernard Duvernay

It has been a very busy few weeks with the trip to FormaHoof in Dubai and then coming home to use the FormaHoof system on a range of different cases in both NSW and Victoria. Soon after I arrived back, we were lucky enough to host a lecture and demonstration on the afternoon of the 8th of May with Bernard Duvernay. The lecture and demonstration took place at the University of Melbourne Veterinary Teaching Hospital, with farriers, veterinary students and veterinarians in attendance.

Bernard lecturing

Bernard presenting his lecture on lower limb biomechanics

Bernard is a farrier and horse enthusiast from Geneva, Switzerland. He founded both BD Tools and the Flying Anvil Foundation. BD Tools has a wide range of farrier tools for all trimming and horse shoeing requirements. Many of the tools have a unique design and very detail orientated. Ganesh Kardile, through his company NGK Farrier Supplies is a stockist of BD Tools in Australia.

The Flying Anvil Foundation was founded in 2010 and aims to provide continuing education to farriers in third world countries. They have an established farrier school in India where farriers and veterinarians from all of the world volunteer to teach.

Bernard’s lecture consisted of a discussion around the biomechanics of the limb and how it interacts with the ground surface. He spoke about the different types of shoes available for a range of musculoskeletal injuries in the horse. He also acknowledged the importance of the veterinarian-farrier relationship and how we can work together to find a solution for many different types of foot related lameness.

Asymmetrical coffin joint loading

Compression of one side of the coffin joint over the other – can lead to joint and ligament damage

Bernard discussing the lower limb conformation of the horse

Bernard discussing the lower limb conformation of the horse in the demonstration

The Digital Extension Device

One of the major topics of discussion and demonstration was the digital extension device. The digital extension device was developed by Dr Hans Castelijns from Italy to help identify different areas of pain within the foot. You may remember I recently attended a lecture series presented by Hans in Qatar earlier in the month.

Digital extension device

Horse standing on the digital extension device before putting it into use

The digital extension device can be manipulated in different planes to apply pressure and tension to different areas of the foot. For example, the toe of the hoof can be lifted, which extends the coffin joint and applies tension to the deep digital flexor tendon and over the navicular suspensory apparatus. If the horse shows discomfort after this type of manipulation, it can give us an understanding of where the pain may arise. This could help us to narrow down our diagnostics such as ultrasound, x-ray or MRI to a particular area.

Lifting the heel

The digital extension device used to raise the heel to change coffin joint angle and reduce tension on the flexor tendons

Toe extension

Digital extension device used to raise the toe, extending the coffin joint and applying tension to the flexor tendons

It was great to hear the information that Bernard presented and we appreciate the time he took to lecture and demonstrate to farriers, students and veterinarians. Also thank you to Ganesh for organising Bernard and to the University of Melbourne Veterinary Teaching Hospital for supplying the venue.

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