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Motion EPC is proud to announce the release of our online shop. Bringing high quality, innovative products from around the globe. Our products are selected for the management of the equine athlete in the Australian horse industry. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure the best support and knowledge when it comes to caring for your horse.


We are excited about becoming the first distributor of FormaHoof™ products here in Australia. FormaHoof™ is an innovative podiatry system for the treatment and management of many equine foot problems. From thin soles, seedy toe, club feet and laminitis – FormaHoof™ can be a very beneficial in the rehabilitation of these cases.

Check out the FormaHoof™ product range on our online shop. The products are sold individually or as a kit, depending on the types of horses you see in your practice. Farriers, veterinarians, horse owners and managers have shown interest in purchasing the system.

There are two different types of mould variations – Barefoot or Performance. These are available in sizes 3-7 and in front and hind patterns. These moulds can be sold individually or as part of a kit.

FormaHoof - Foals

Online Consultation

Online Consultation

Helping five horses with foot related lameness per week!

What we offer

Motion EPC provides veterinary podiatry services across Australia and overseas. Unfortunately we can’t be everywhere all of the time. We developed the online consultation portal to provide information on diagnosis and management for horses with foot related lameness. 

We work with the referring veterinarian and farrier to provide information on common foot diseases such as laminitis, white line disease, mismatched foot conformation and navicular syndrome. We can modify and manufacture therapeutic shoes based on the information provided and the shoes can be posted to the patient. Instructions on how to apply the shoe are included. 

Within the portal, we have a messaging centre if there are further questions or we need to clarify details. Payment for the service is online and we provide answers to follow up questions regarding the case, free of charge. 

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Check out our video of the online consultation

Here’s our step by step guide to our online consultation portal, helping horses with foot related lameness