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Motion EPC is proud to announce the release of our online shop. Bringing high quality, innovative products from around the globe. Our products are selected for the management of the equine athlete in the Australian horse industry. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure the best support and knowledge when it comes to caring for your horse.


We are excited about becoming the first distributor of FormaHoof™ products here in Australia. FormaHoof™ is an innovative podiatry system for the treatment and management of many equine foot problems. From thin soles, seedy toe, club feet and laminitis – FormaHoof™ can be a very beneficial in the rehabilitation of these cases.

Check out the FormaHoof™ product range on our online shop. The products are sold individually or as a kit, depending on the types of horses you see in your practice. Farriers, veterinarians, horse owners and managers have shown interest in purchasing the system.

There are two different types of mould variations – Barefoot or Performance. These are available in sizes 3-7 and in front and hind patterns. These moulds can be sold individually or as part of a kit.

FormaHoof - Foals


University of Adelaide FormaHoof Demonstration


FormaHoof Demonstration

Despite the late notice, we had a great turn out of farriers, veterinarians and horse enthusiasts for a FormaHoof demonstration at the University of Adelaide Equine Health and Performance Centre. With approximately 20 attendees, I described the history of FormaHoof, potential uses, how to apply FormaHoof and tips and tricks when applying the system. We also had two demonstration horses to trial FormaHoof on and the ability to take pre and post shoeing x-rays.

injecting_sole_of_formahoofdiscussing_formahoof_Dr_Luke group_photo_university_of_adelaide

What is FormaHoof?

FormaHoof is an innovative podiatry system for the treatment and management of many equine foot problems. From thin soles, seedy toe, club feet and laminitis – FormaHoof can be a very beneficial in the rehabilitation of foot related issues.

one_complete_formahoof fitting_formahoof_mould injecting_formahoof_AP

Demonstration horses

Both cases organised by the University of Adelaide Equine Health and Performance Centre were good examples of how FormaHoof can benefit horses with foot related lameness.

Case 1

The first case had a slightly mismatched foot conformation – one foot was more upright than the other. Not only that, the horse had minimal vertical depth; i.e. the pedal bone was quite close to the ground surface. To complicate matters further, the horse also had recently burst an abscess out of the left front foot heel bulb. The abscess was draining, however the area was sensitive to touch.

We applied FormaHoof to both front feet to provide both solar and frog support. FormaHoof added heel elevation to help shift load to the back of the foot. To reduce the pain around the heel bulb, we first applied soft cast felt directly over the bulls and wrapped in place with Elastoplast. We then applied FormaHoof straight over the top. With the addition of a dressing, FormaHoof can be applied over sensitive areas such as coronary band abrasions or abscess sites, hoof wall resections and pedal bone surgeries.


Case 2

The second horse had been diagnosed with Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) and chronic laminitis. EMS is similar to type 2 diabetes in humans, whereby insulin does not function correctly. When a horse with EMS is exposed to non-structural carbohydrates in their feed or pasture, it causes an increase in insulin. As the insulin is not functioning effectively, the body’s response is to produce more insulin. High levels of insulin have been shown to cause laminitis.

The horse’s diet was altered accordingly, which had improved the active episode of laminitis. To further support the boney column and promote healthy hoof growth, FormaHoof was applied. One of the major concerns with this horse was not only pedal bone rotation, but a reduction in growth on the medial (i.e. inside) wall. FormaHoof was applied to help even the coronary band heights on the right front foot, seen below in the pre and post application photos.

medial_displacement_pre_formahoof medial_displacement_post_formahoof

Want for information?


Check out the FormaHoof website or get in contact with us at Motion Equine Podiatry Consulting on Have a horse that might benefit from FormaHoof? We have a list of hoof care professionals with the system. Interested in purchasing FormaHoof? Motion Equine Podiatry Consulting is the distributor for Australia and we have an online store.

University of Adelaide Equine Health and Performance Centre

The facility opened in late 2013 and has been building a wide ranging case load of equine patients. The centre has specialist veterinarians in medicine, surgery and theriogenology, along with a team of general practitioners available for field calls. Digital x-ray, ultrasound and CT are available to aid in the diagnosis and subsequent management of many horse related issues. Need more information – check out their website

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